What is Halogen Technology?

A halogen lamp is a high pressure capsule utilizing halogen gas to improve life and performance. It is typically used for forward lighting applications.

How it works? -The halogen bulbs tungsten filament is heated up to the point that the tungsten actually evaporates and the tungsten molecules then cling to the halogen molecule. When lit, the halogen bulb actually burns brighter than the incandescent bulb. Once the halogen bulb is turned off, the filament cools and the tungsten molecules return to it. The halogen inside the capsule helps to increase the filament’s lifespan.

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We offer a wide variety of products to satisfy customer needs for brightness, whiteness, clarity and budget. Please check out our product pages for more information about our products. If you still have questions, our Customer Service team is here to help. Please fill out the "Product Question" form or give us a call at 1-800-729-3777.

OSRAM Sylvania designs our lamps to operate within tolerances defined by the NHTSA specification for each product type. We use a series of tests to ensure we are providing federally compliant product of the highest quality. Distance and lumen performance are dependent on the design of the headlamp, electrical system of the vehicle, and condition of the optic. The OEM car makers and their tier one suppliers design the optics of the headlamp which heavily contribute to the performance of the lamp. While we cannot provide performance specifications for each product type we offer under a particular bulb type (i.e. – H11, 9006, 9145, etc.), our high performance products (i.e.- SilverStar Ultra, SilverStar zXe, etc.) tend to be the higher range of the allowable tolerances.

Our Lamp Replacement Guide is a great place to start! We receive the information for our Lamp Replacement Guide straight from vehicle manufacturers. We always suggest consulting your vehicle's owner manual and checking the bulb currently installed before installing a new bulb.

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Sometimes vehicle manufacturers make parts changes in the middle of production. Unfortunately, those changes are not always made available to us. We always suggest consulting your vehicle's owner manual or checking the bulb that is currently installed to verify part numbers.

YES. We guarantee your complete satisfaction for up to 12 months from the date of purchase. If you are not completely satisfied, return your product to the place of purchase or contact us directly by filling out our Warranty Claim or give us a call at 1-800-729-3777.

Please contact us by directly by filling out our Warranty Claim or give our Customer Service team a call at 1-800-729-3777

Return policies for retailers can vary, and sometimes they are stricter than our Manufacturer's Warranty. We guarantee your complete satisfaction for up to 12 months from date of purchase. If you are not completely satisfied, contact our Customer Service team directly by completing our Warranty Claim. Or call us at 1-800-729-3777.

We are drivers too, and certainly agree these types of bulbs are bothersome and distracting. Sylvania's products should not cause any glare issues when installed correctly. All of our bulbs are designed to operate within the same tolerances that are expected from the NHTSA specification for each bulb. We actively work with NHTSA to craft regulations that prevent unsafe lighting set ups and to identify non-compliant bulbs or set ups. All of our products meet or exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 108 standards for safe, legal, on-road operation and should not be bothersome to oncoming traffic unless they are improperly installed or incorrectly aimed.

We always suggest replacing headlights in pairs, because it’s a really good idea for a couple of reasons. Typically, headlight bulbs are the same age, so when it's time to replace one, its time to replace both. Headlights can dim up to 20-30% over time, so if you replace only one bulb, you're likely to end up with one bright headlight and one dimmer one which can really impact your downroad visibility and your field of view while driving.

Whiter light boosts contrast which enhances reflectivity of street marketing and road signs while improving visiblity of objects in and along the road.

It's important to understand that with any high performance product, there are trade offs. In the case of bulbs, a brighter product will result in a shorter overall life. We are constantly innovating to ensure even our highest perfoming bulbs have an impressive lifespan. By using a premium Xenon gas mixture and filling to a higher pressure - we extend the life of our higher performing bulbs. By applying our proprietary blue coating, every Silverstar Ultra filters out some lightwaves to create a whiter light and provides more clarity to improve contrast and object visibility. The bulb is then laser ablated to allow more light down the road.

While our BASIC bulbs are economical and long-lasting - it's our high-performance bulbs that are brighter and whiter, allowing for farther down the road visbility and create better contrast for whatever is in front of you.

Features and Benefits of SYLVANIA Premium Halogen Bulbs