SYLVANIA D1R SilverStar zXe HID Headlight Bulb

Direct D1R replacement bulb for Headlight applications

D1R Bulb - SilverStar zXe

D1R HID (High Intensity Discharge) - SilverStar zXe

Looking for a stylized light for your vehicle? SYLVANIA SilverStar zXe HID headlights are where style meets performance. Xenon Fueled with an HID attitude creates a crisp, white light making your vehicle stand out in style.

  • Designed to increase the light output to a wide area in front of the vehicle
  • Long-life lighting system that creates less need for replacement and disposal
  • Environmentally responsible product, with 1/3 less energy usage compared to halogen lighting
  • Distinctive white light which stimulates and reflects paint in road markers and signs
  • Superior visibility with 3 times more light output than halogen lighting
  • Legal for on road use
  • Headlights dim over time, replace in pairs for optimal performance

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