SYLVANIA ZEVO Connect 12IN Color Changing Strip Kit

Add color changing technology to the interior of any vehicle

Color Changing 12IN Strip Kit

Color Changing 12IN Strip Kit

The Sylvania ZEVO CONNECT LED 12-Inch Interior Strip Kit Extension allows you to easily add on to your current SYLVANIA ZEVO CONNECT LED Interior Base Kit. Create a custom ambience for your car’s interior. Each SYLVANIA ZEVO CONNECT LED Strip adds addition 12 inches of customization and access to tons of colors and the freedom of wirelessly controlling multiple ZEVO CONNECT products with any Bluetooth enabled device. The LED strips are flexible and can be placed on curved areas of the vehicles interior. Strong 3M adhesive on the back of the LED strips ensure a long-lasting bond.

  • 12-Inch Expansion kit (2 - 12-inch LED Strips) to add to your SYLVANIA ZEVO CONNECT LED Interior Base Kit
  • 18 vibrant RGB LEDs per flexible 12-inch strip yield a bright, even lighting effect
  • Easily combine multiple ZEVO CONNECT LED Interior 12-inch Strip Kit Extensions up to 20’ in length
  • Control your LED Interior Strip kit with the free SYLVANIA ZEVO app (Android and iOS compatible) on any Bluetooth enabled device
  • Extension Kit includes: 2 - 12 Inch LED Strips, 2 - 5 foot quick connect cables, 1:3 splitter and double sided adhesive tape

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