General Frequently Asked Questions

Your page for all SYLVANIA's General Freqently Asked Questions

We do not sell direct to consumers. However, you can easily find a SYLVANIA Authorized Retailer with our online Bulb Replacement Guide. Simply enter your vehicle information, choose the bulb need, and you'll get a list of Authorized Retailers near you.

Many SYLVANIA Authorized Retailers can special order our bulbs directly to their stores. We'd suggest stopping by or calling an Authorized Retailer and ask about special orders.

Yes. Headlights dim 20-30% over time. If you replace one headlight, and not the other, you're not seeing the full road ahead of you evenly. Always replace headlights in pairs for the safest driving experience.

Yes. Headlights were designed and manufactured to exact specifications. Your headlights are always on at the same time. When one burns out, the other isn't far behind. Save yourself time, energy, and stress and replace both headlights for the safest driving experience.

The average driver drives 100 hours a year. It is suggested that you replace your headlights every two years for best results, as headlights dim 20-30% over time. However, if you drive a lot at night, or always drive with your headlights on, your bulbs will burn out faster.