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Automotive Lighting FAQ

Do Headlights Dim Over Time?

Over time things wear down - tires, brakes and headlights too. It's important to replace your headlight bulbs as a regular part of your regular maintenance before they go dim. As headlight experts, we know that your car's headlight bulbs can lose up to 50 feet of visibility before burnout.  

How do you know that headlight bulbs can lose up to 50 feet of visibility before burnout?

Actual bulb testing using a Goniometer to measure beam patterns, using multiple bulb types and headlamp designs, confirms there is a decrease of downroad distance visibility by up to 50 feet before burnout.

Should I Replace my headlights in pairs?

We always suggest replacing headlights in pairs, because it’s a really good idea for a couple of reasons. Typically, headlight bulbs are the same age, so when it's time to replace one, its time to replace both. Headlights can dim up to 20-30% over time, so if you replace only one bulb, you're likely to end up with one bright headlight and one dimmer one which can really impact your downroad visibility and your field of view while driving.

How often should I replace my headlights?

Headlight bulbs wear down over time, just as your tires, wipers and brakes do too.  Replacement should be part of your regular vehicle maintenance routine to ensure maximum visibility on the road during the darkest months of the year.  

How do I aim my headlights properly?

Properly aimed headlights provide optimal visibility and eliminate dangerous glare for other drivers on the road. Click here to watch this video for helpful information on how to aim your headlights.

How do I know which bulb my vehicle will take?

Our Lamp Replacement Guide is a great place to start! We receive the information for our Lamp Replacement Guide straight from vehicle manufacturers. We always suggest consulting your vehicle's owner manual and checking the bulb currently installed before installing a new bulb.

Click here to find your part number!

I am looking for the best headlight bulb for my car. Which light is best?

We recommend SYLVANIA SilverStar® Ultra halogen bulbs, offering a whiter light for more clarity and the most downroad visibility, when compared to SYLVANIA Basic.  

Why does the bulb suggested by your Bulb Replacement Guide match what's in my vehicle?

Sometimes vehicle manufacturers make parts changes in the middle of production. Unfortunately, those changes are not always made available to us. We always suggest consulting your vehicle's owner manual or checking the bulb that is currently installed to verify part numbers. If you have further questions, please call our Customer Service team at: 800-729-3777, M-F 9am - 5pm EST.

What does Clarity stand for?

SYLVANIA defines clarity as the combination of downroad, sideroad, and white light. Increased clarity is achieved from brighter downroad, greater sideroad, and whiter light, and can improve contrast and object visibility such as street signs and road hazards.

Whiter light can improve contrast and object visibility such as street signs and road hazards. It can also help with peripheral visibility. More information on the study of headlights can be found here. These are reports created by the Light Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

what does rated life mean?

OSRAM Sylvania performs extensive laboratory testing on all the bulb types we manufacture. The bulbs are tested in a controlled environment to SAE and USCAR testing standards. Rated life is the expected minimum average life as determined by large scale lab testing over long production periods. Individual lifetimes may vary based on application, ambient conditions, vehicle voltage, and vehicle usage.

An average driver will use their low beam headlights 100 hours per year. The value can be found here, a report created by University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute.

what does brightness mean?

Brighter bulbs are designed for better downroad and sideroad performance.


Halogen Bulb FAQ

What is Halogen Technology?

A halogen lamp is a high pressure capsule utilizing halogen gas to improve life and performance. It is typically used for forward lighting applications.

How it works? -The halogen bulbs tungsten filament is heated up to the point that the tungsten actually evaporates and the tungsten molecules then cling to the halogen molecule. When lit, the halogen bulb actually burns brighter than the incandescent bulb. Once the halogen bulb is turned off, the filament cools and the tungsten molecules return to it. The halogen inside the capsule helps to increase the filament’s lifespan.

What's the Lumen and Color Temperature of your bulbs?

OSRAM Sylvania designs our lamps to operate within tolerances defined by the NHTSA specification for each product type. We use a series of tests to ensure we are providing federally compliant product of the highest quality. Distance and lumen performance are dependent on the design of the headlamp, electrical system of the vehicle, and condition of the optic. The OEM car makers and their tier one suppliers design the optics of the headlamp which heavily contribute to the performance of the lamp. While we cannot provide performance specifications for each product type we offer under a particular bulb type (i.e. – H11, 9006, 9145, etc.), our high performance products (i.e.- SilverStar Ultra, SilverStar zXe, etc.) tend to be the higher range of the allowable tolerances.

What's the difference between the different SYLVANIA Headlight brands?

We offer a wide variety of products to satisfy customer needs for brightness, whiteness, clarity and budget. Please check out our product pages for more information about our products. If you still have questions, our Customer Service team is here to help. Please fill out our General Inquiries form or give us a call at 1-800-729-3777, M-F9am-5pm EST.

If I use your SilverStar bulbs, will I blind other driver's on the road?

We are drivers too, and certainly agree these types of bulbs are bothersome and distracting. Sylvania's products should not cause any glare issues when installed correctly. All of our bulbs are designed to operate within the same tolerances that are expected from the NHTSA specification for each bulb. We actively work with NHTSA to craft regulations that prevent unsafe lighting set ups and to identify non-compliant bulbs or set ups. All of our products meet or exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 108 standards for safe, legal, on-road operation and should not be bothersome to oncoming traffic unless they are improperly installed or incorrectly aimed.

What are the benefit of a whiter light in a headlight bulb?

Whiter light boosts contrast which enhances reflectivity of street marketing and road signs while improving visibility of objects in and along the road.

Why do my SilverStar bulbs seem to have a shorter lifespan than standard bulbs?

Your vehicle’s electrical system is designed for a fixed power draw, so by design, we cannot draw more power out of the vehicle. As the global leader in Automotive Lighting, SYLVANIA has developed state-of-the-art components that deliver a higher performance without drawing additional power from the vehicle. This performance increase comes at the expense of a shorter lifetime when compared to OEM basic bulbs.

What is the difference between bulb life vs. performance

It's important to understand that with any high performance product, there are trade offs. In the case of bulbs, a brighter product will result in a shorter overall life. We are constantly innovating to ensure even our highest performing bulbs have an impressive lifespan. By using a premium Xenon gas mixture and filling to a higher pressure - we extend the life of our higher performing bulbs. By applying our proprietary blue coating, every SilverStar Ultra filters out some light waves to create a whiter light and provides more clarity to improve contrast and object visibility. The bulb is then laser ablated to allow more light down the road.

While our BASIC bulbs are economical and long-lasting - it's our high-performance bulbs that are brighter and whiter, allowing for farther down the road visbiility and create better contrast for whatever is in front of you.



Do you sell LED headlight low beam replacement bulbs

SYLVANIA LED products have been designed to be a safe, universal replacement for automotive applications. Current automotive federal law prohibits replacing halogen lamps with LEDs for low and high beam headlight applications. We currently support the use of LED replacement bulbs in automotive fog light applications.

Why do some of your LED bulbs say "For Off-Road Use only"?

Some LED miniature and auxiliary light bulb products are marked as “off-road use only” because they have not been tested in all vehicle applications. This does not mean the bulb will under-perform. In many instances, it will out-perform a traditional incandescent bulb. We cannot, however, guarantee some LED bulbs that are marked "off-road use only" will meet regulations in all applications.

LED Headlights are way too bright

We agree that there are some headlights on the road with glare. Glare can be caused by a number of factors including improperly aimed headlights, aged-hazy headlight lenses, non-compliant unsafe upgrades, or a combination of all the above. SYLVANIA LED bulbs are an acceptable retrofit for a Fog light application designed to OEM standards and are not federally regulated. SYLVANIA products go through quality testing and are designed to eliminate dangerous glare when installed properly by focusing light where you need it on the road rather than in the eyes of oncoming traffic.

Are your LED bulbs waterproof?

Our LED's are not rated for submersion in water - learn more about Sylvania ZEVO LEDs

What's the difference between your Sylvania LEDs and ZEVO® LEDs?

SYLVANIA LEDs are manufactured with bright, long-lasting SMD LEDs and come with a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase. ZEVO® LEDs offer brighter, sharper light that can improve performance for interior and exterior applications. ZEVO LEDs are a universal fit, with no polarity restrictions. Some LED bulbs (like SYLVANIA LEDs) need to be inserted only one way into a socket. ZEVO LEDs are compatible either way. Plus, ZEVO LEDs have a Limited Lifetime Warranty (warranty registration required).

What color LED bulb should I install in my vehicle?

The color spectrum of an incandescent bulb is different than color spectrum of a white LED. This impacts the color LED you should purchase, but the easy general rule is that the bulb should match the color of the lens that covers the bulb.

Clear Lens: Depending on the application, either a white or an amber bulb can be used behind a clear lens.

Red Lens: Always choose a red LED bulb behind a red lens. If you place a white LED behind a red tail/brake lens, there will be too much orange/yellow and the light will appear pink/orange.

Amber Lens: Always choose an amber LED bulb behind an amber lens. If you place a white LED behind an amber lens, the light will appear greenish.

Are your LED bulbs error proof?

We offer LED replacements bulbs for most automotive applications, including interior lights, license plate, directionals, brake lights and fog lights. Occasionally, replacing traditional incandescent bulbs with advanced technology LED bulbs can trigger dashboard warning lights or unexpected hyperflash. These can usually be corrected quickly and easily with the addition of a load equalizer or flasher module. Click to get information on our SYLVANIA Load Equalizer

I installed your LED bulbs for my turn signal, but the light is still flashing.

Some vehicle computers are programmed to "look" for a standard incandescent bulb, by sending out a low voltage pulse. It's not enough current to light the bulb, but it is enough to tell the computer a bulb is installed. When you install a an LED bulb, the low voltage pulse can sometimes be strong enough to trigger the bulb to blink. Installing a SYLVANIA Load Equalizer will usually resolve this issue.

I installed your LED bulbs in my vehicle, but now there is a warning message on my dashboard. Are they installed incorrectly?

Some vehicle computers are programmed to "look" for a standard, incandescent bulb. When you install an LED bulb, the computer thinks that no bulb is present and triggers the dashboard warning light. Installing a SYLVANIA Load Equalizer will usually resolve this issue.

How do I install your SYLVANIA Load Equalizer?

Installing a SYLVANIA Load Equalizer is easy and straightforward. It clamps right on to the existing wiring. There is no need to cut or splice wires. Click here for our instructional videos

I installed your LED bulbs in my vehicle. Why do they stay dimly lit after the car is switched off?

First, this will not cause damage to the LED bulb or your vehicle. Second, a SYLVANIA Load Equalizer will usually prevent this from happening. Many modern vehicles use "electronic" switches instead of mechanical contact switches. Electronic switches often "leak" a tiny amount of electrical current that passes through the LED bulb and causes it to glow, even when it's off. The amount of current is so tiny that it cannot cause an incandescent bulb to glow when the car is off.

Do SYLVANIA LED bulbs use a fan for cooling?

SYLVANIA LED products are optimized for heat management and bulb performance. Some higher performance LED bulbs require use of active cooling and have been designed with a fan when necessary.

I installed your LED bulbs in my brake/tail light and now either only the brake light works or only the tail light works.

Some vehicles have a different type of bulb socket design called a "CK Socket", which can cause cause some LEDs to behave this way. SYLVANIA ZEVO LEDs are engineered to work with this style of socket.

Why do some of your LED bulbs have multiple part numbers listed?

Incandescent lamps originally installed in OEM light fixtures have standardized bases and these bases are shared among different lamp types and numbers. These lamp bases are designed with standardized electrical connections to make sure they are compatible with the mating connectors in the fixtures. The various incandescent lamp numbers may share a common base but could have differences of rated life, output, color, etc. “Also fits” means the LED lamp should fit and operate within the intended light fixture.


Headlight Restoration Kit FAQ

Can I apply an additional layer of UV Block Clear Coat?

Yes, an additional UV Block Coat can be added if the car has not been driven or exposed to water or moisture. The UV Block Coat can be applied directly to the headlight lens without the use of the activator. Reapply after touching a small corner of the headlight lens ensuring it is tack free. If you live in an area where the weather is very humid, the moisture in the air can effect the application when the clear coat is applied. Make sure you're applying in an area without humidity.

How do I use your Headlight Restoration Kit?

Our award-winning Headlight Restoration Kit easy to use. There are just 3 simple steps. The results are incredible and include a lifetime warranty. Click here for our instructional videos.

Can I purchase just the clear coat?

Yes. Sylvania's Headlight Essentials Kit which includes our proprietary UV Block Clear Coat is available for purchase at SYLVANIA and at any of our Authorized Retailers. Click here for more information.

I used your Headlight Restoration Kit, but the lens is hazy/streaky. What can I do?

If you've just completed all of the restoration steps, we suggest waiting a few days for the UV Block Clear Coat to fully cure before trying the following.

Using 2000 grit sandpaper, begin by lightly sanding the entire lens surface with even, circular motions. Next, rinse lens thoroughly with clean water, making sure to remove dust and lose particles. Dry lens completely with a lint-free towel. Finally, re-apply an even coat of UV Block Clear Coat across entire lens. This should give you excellent, long-lasting results.

I didn't have enough supplies to complete my Headlight Restoration. How do I get more.?

Our Headlight Restoration Kit comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Please contact our Customer Service team at 1-800-729-3777, M-F 9am - 5pm EST and we will gladly send you another kit. If you haven't already, please complete our Warranty Registration before calling.


Car Camera FAQ

My dash cam is beeping continuously

Please perform the following steps to troubleshoot:

1. Confirm the SD card is inserted in the dash cam

2. Confirm that the SD card is not full of footage

3. If the SD card/dash cam is brand new, the SD card may need to be formatted. Please follow the reformatting steps here

4. A firmware update is necessary. Please visit for more information.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, it is possible the SD card may be faulty. Please contact our customer service team through our web form and provide a picture of the SD card so that we are able to validate the specs.

Note that beeping may also occur if the G-sensor sensitivity setting is too high. In this instance, the beep indicates a sudden bump was detected, and recording will go from "Continuous recording mode" to "Incident recording mode". You can lower or turn off the G-sensor feature in the app setting. Click here for more information.

How can I change the speed recording from KPH/MPH?

At this time it is not possible to change the speed recording from KPH/MPH. We plan to have this as a future feature enhancement.

How can I get the screen to remain on continuously?

The camera will automatically default to "screensaver mode" but this can be turned off through the settings menu on the camera - make sure that this setting is turned off. Then, as long as the camera is plugged into the cigarette socket, the screen will stay on until the car is turned off.

How do I change time/date?

The date/time will update automatically once the camera is connected to Wi-Fi and a signal is obtained. The app will walk you thorugh the steps to connect to Wi-Fi. If in an area with low signal or no signal, you will get the error message “No signal” on the app.

How do I turn off the audio recording feature?

This can be toggled to on or off in the App settings

The MPH and/or Date/Time are not working as expected

These will automatically update when the camera is connected/has GPS

The display is freezing upon powering on the dash camera

Please try reformatting the SD card. Click here for instructions.

What size SD card should I use?

Each camera comes with a 32GB SD card in the box that's confirmed to operate at spec. For additional storage, different camera models have different capacities: Basic: 32GB, Plus: 32GB, Pro: 64GB, Stealth: 128GB (also noted online or on box). Note: Mirror Camera and Rear camera do not use SD cards. Rear camera footage is on SD card of connected Pro or Stealth. Please ensure you purchase an SD card that's a branded class 10 and U1 or U3.

Does the dash camera come with an SD card included in the box?

The Basic, Plus, Pro, Stealth and Mirror dash cameras each include a 32GB SD card in the package. The Rear camera stores its footage on the Pro or Stealth card.

The oldest file is not being overwritten when the card is full

As long as the video length is set to 3 or 5 minutes, the oldest file should be overwritten. If the G-sensor was set too sensitive and activating/generating locked files that cannot be overwritten, this could cause the card to fill up. In this case, the card would become full and no new files will be written to it. the G-sensor sensitivity can be reduced or turned off in the app settings.

I cannot get the video footage on SD card to play in computer

This likely has to do with the video codec on your computer. Depending what version of Windows your computer is using, you'll need to ensure the latest video codecs installed.

SYLVANIA Roadsight STEALTH is beeping even though I have cleared the SD card, reformatted it and done the Firmware update.

This may be caused by formatting the SD card on a Mac computer (versus a PC). If the formatting was performed on a Mac, it will need to be formatted to FAT32. The beeping occurs if the SD card is formatted to MAC OS journaled. This can happen often if switching between Mac and PC.

Is the battery rechargeable?

The battery in the camera is rechargeable. While various factors impact battery life (current state of the battery, specifications supported within that particular camera model), the approximate life of this battery when fully charged is 30 minutes. When the g-sensor activation kicks in due to sudden movement or collision, the camera will record for a few minutes to capture the incident. But in order to enable 24/7 parking mode, Sylvania dash cameras must be hardwired.

How long does it take to charge the dash camera battery?

Approximately 2-3 hours

How long does the battery last?

Approximately 30 minutes, but there are various factors that impact battery life

Does the clock have its own backup memory?

Yes, the camera has an internal battery which allows the settings to be saved including the time/clock.

Do the dash cameras have a replaceable battery?

Unfortunately the dash camera batteries are not serviceable by the end user. Also, opening the unit to access the battery would void the one year warranty.

Do the dash cameras have a capacitor or battery?

Each camera has a lithium-ion battery, with the exception of the Rear camera as it is connected to either the SYVLANIA Roadsight PRO or STEALTH dash camera.

How long are the power cables for the cameras?

The BASIC, PRO, PLUS and STEALTH models come with a 11 foot power cord.

The REAR camera comes with a 19 foot power cord to ensure it will reach the camera at the front of the vehicle.

Is there an extension cable available for mounting a camera on the back of a truck or large vehicle?

SYLVANIA does not offer this type of product at this time.

How do I use driving assistance features (lane departure warning, front collision warning)?

In settings, make sure the A.D.A.S (advanced driver assistance system) is toggled to “ON”. The A.D.A.S. features are only available for the PLUS, PRO, STEALTH and MIRROR models. 

Is it possible to change the length of the recordings?

In the camera’s settings, the “loop recording” option can be set to 3 or 5 minutes. This may be adjusted to further meet your needs. 

How do I transfer video footage to my mobile phone?

This may be done by downloading the free SYLVANIA CONNECT app and pairing with your dash camera. Click here to download the SYLVANIA CONNECT app.

What does the small button below the SD card do?

That button is to manually put the camera in locked file mode. Meaning if there is footage the user just witnessed and doesn’t want to lose, they can press this button and it will save the file to a locked sub-folder on the SD card. The only other course of action that will cause this to happen is if the G-Sensor on the camera detects a force (ie. accident).

How can I turn the screen off yet still record?

To turn off the screen and still record, short press (quick tap) the power button.

Can the Mirror camera/Rear view be continuously on?

Yes, if the rear camera is selected, that’s the view that will be shown. It should only switch to the front camera view when the user selects “front camera”.

Does the Rear camera have to be used with a camera in the front?

The SYLVANIA Roadsight REAR camera must be used in conjunction with either the PRO or STEALTH model. It comes with a simple “plug and play” wiring harness to power the rear camera directly from either the PRO or STEALTH. No additional SD card is required. The REAR camera can be used as an interior facing or rear view camera.

Is there a way for the camera to record while my car is parked?

For 24/7 surveillance, the dash camera can be hard wired to be powered by the car's battery.  However, Roadsight Dash Cameras feature G-Sensor intelligent software detecting and recording collisions even while parked. If your car is bumped, the G-Sensor detects the force, powering on the camera and recording footage surrounding the vehicle in a saved folder on the SD Card.  

Can I leave the dash camera in my car on a hot day?

Storage in a hot car should not be an issue. All SYLVANIA Roadsight dash camera models have been tested at the following ranges: Storage temperature of -4 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit and an operating temperature of 14 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can the Rear camera be used to record inside the vehicle?

The SYLVANIA Roadsight Rear camera can also be used as an interior facing camera when connected to either the SYLVANIA Roadsight Pro or Stealth cameras. 

Do the dash cameras offer front/rear motion detection?

We recommend purchasing either our SYLVANIA Roadsight Mirror Cam, or our SYLVANIA Roadsight Pro or Stealth Dash cam paired with the Roadsight Rear camera.  Both of these options allow for front/rear video footage and include motion detection.

I constantly have to reconnect my phone/app - is there a way to resolve this?

There is a toggle switch within the app/phone for “Auto Reconnect” when connecting the dash camera. Make sure this toggle switch is on. This will resolve the issue with manual reconnection.

Another tip that may be generally helpful - some phones see the dash camera as a poor Wi-Fi connection as there isn't internet access and the phone won't stay connected to the dash camera -- and connects to another source. In some phones, there is a setting in the Wi-Fi network settings – make sure that this is turned off. It may be called "Smart Network Switch" or Wi-Fi Assist". 

When connecting to Wi-Fi I am getting an error message "incorrect password"

Go into Wi-Fi networks, "forget" the existing dash cam in the list of connected devices. Then, begin the connection process again.

Trying to connect to Wi-Fi but the following message shows on phone: 'Can't connect to network' or camera will not show up in list of networks

Some phones see the dash cam as a poor Wi-Fi connection as there isn't internet access and the phone won't stay connected to the dash cam and connects to another source. There is a setting in the Wi-Fi network settings in some phones that needs to be turned off. This is sometimes called "Smart Network Switch" (Android) or Wi-Fi Assist" (iPhone). Please check that this is disabled. On phone go to to Settings --> Cellular --> bottom of screen for "WiFi assist" and toggle.

Does the camera automatically start recording when I turn on my car?

Yes, once the camera has been installed in the vehicle and plugged in, each time the engine is turned on, the camera will automatically start recording. It will not stop until either 1) it is manually stopped by pressing the REC button on the camera, or 2) the engine is turned off.

Does the camera record while the Sylvania Connect app is in "live view"?

No, while you are using the app, the camera does not record.

How do I start/stop recording while in the Sylvania Connect app?

While you are using the app, the camera is unable to record. Therefore there is no start/stop button in the app. From the app you may download the footage to your phone (camera roll) and view it from there, as well as share, post etc.


Off Road Lighting FAQ

How durable are SYLVANIA LED off road lights?

SYLVANIA off road lights are manufactured in a durable aluminum body designed for optimal heat removal, handles rough off-road environments and resists corrosion. All lenses are made from an impact-resistant polycarbonate. 

Our Rugged series is the most robust - boasting a 100% waterproof rating and can handle extreme off-road experiences.

Do wiring harnesses come with any of the light bars or pods?

No, the wiring harnesses are needed to operate the lightbars and pods but do not come with the product. SYLVANIA sells several different harnesses and brackets that are compatible with our LED light bars and pods. Compatible mounting accessories are listed on each product page for your convenience. 

Do you sell harnesses and brackets?

Yes, SYLVANIA sells several different harnesses and brackets that are compatible with our LED light bars and pods. Compatible mounting accessories are listed on each product page for your convenience. If there are further questions, please reach out to our Customer Service team at: 800-729-3777, M-F 9am - 5pm EST.

How do I know which mounting accessory goes with my SYLVANIA Light bar or Pod?

Compatible mounting accessories are listed on each product page for your convenience. If there are further questions, please reach out to our Customer Service team at: 800-729-3777, M-F 9am - 5pm EST.

What is the difference between a spot and flood light?

Flood beams are best for usage in lower speed applications that benefit from increased side road visibility. 

Spot beams are best for usage in higher speed applications that benefit from increased down road visibility.

Can your off road lights be used on all types of vehicles?

Yes! SYLVANIA LED light bars and pods can be used on any type of vehicle - including cars, trucks, SUV's, boats, ATV/UTV's, Snowmobiles, motorcycles, dirt bikes and other applications

How do I know which beam pattern I need?

Flood beams are best for usage in lower speed applications that benefit from increased side road visibility. 

Spot beams are best for usage in higher speed applications that benefit from increased down road visibility.

Do your off road lights have a warranty?

SYLVANIA light bar and light pod assemblies are backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty. For more information, please visit our Warranty information page here.

Can I use your off-road lights on the road for increased nighttime visibility?

SYVLANIA off road LED light bars and pods are regulated for off-road use only, they are not intended to be used on the roadways. Please check your state legislation for local laws.

Are your LED Lightbars and Light Pods Waterproof?

Our Rugged Series boasts an IP69 rating, meaning they're fully waterproof and can handle extreme off-road experiences. Our Ultra Series and Slim Series lightbars are IP67k rated, water resistant up to 3 feet for 30 minutes.

Do you sell wire brackets for the lightbars / pods?

Yes, SYLVANIA sells several different brackets that are compatible with our LED light bars and pods. Compatible mounting accessories are listed on each product page for your convenience. If there are further questions, please reach out to our Customer Service team at: 


AirZing Mini FAQ

Does AirZing Mini have a replaceable filter?

No. The product contains a photocatalyst filter which can be cleaned by rinsing it under a tap. We recommend this is done at least every 2 months. Unlike other units which have costly replaceable HEPA and Carbon filter systems, AirZing Mini does not have replaceable filters – therefore also a more cost-effective solution.

Does AirZing Mini include batteries?

No. SYLVANIA AirZing Mini is powered using a USB Type C connector which is included in the box.

Is the UV light harmful?

No. SYLVANIA AirZing Mini contains UVA LEDs with a wavelength of 370nm-380nm; there is no known risk if exposed to this light. The product passed the photobiological safety test according to IEC 62471. Classification group: exempt (no protection, no caution needed). In addition, we have tested the product to demonstrate that no UVA light is detectable outside the unit.

Where can AirZing Mini be mounted?

SYLVANIA AirZing Mini needs to be mounted within 1 meter of a USB power socket. We recommend mounting it on the vehicle’s air vent using the clip supplied in the box; however, the unit can be used elsewhere - for example, on a table or desk in the home.

Is AirZing Mini loud during operation?

SYLVANIA AirZing Mini works at a very low noise level – just 25dB. This is equivalent to the sound of a whisper or rustling leaves in a light breeze.

What is a Photocatalyst?

A photocatalyst is energized by light, allowing it to facilitate a reaction without changing its own state. AirZing Mini uses a nano photocatalyst Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) filter which is energized by the UVA LEDs. This generates negative ions which destroy viruses and bacteria.

Does AirZing Mini have a warranty?

Yes – the warranty covers the first 12 months, please click here for more information about our warranty program.

Can AirZing Mini be used in the home or office as well as inside a vehicle?

Yes. It can be used in the home or office, or anywhere desired, using the USB Type C connector supplied.

What is the maximum size room AirZing Mini can be used in?

The recommended area for use of this device is 10 square meters. For larger rooms you may use additional devices.

Will AirZing Mini eliminate Coronavirus?

The use of Titanium Dioxide as a photocatalyst for purification is not new technology. Studies in the past have shown a combination of UVA and Titanium Dioxide as effective in destroying various viruses – but Coronavirus has not been validated as of this time.

Will AirZing Mini protect me from contracting Covid 19?

The use of an AirZing Mini unit is recommended as one of many sensible steps everyone can take to protect against contracting Covid 19. Other measures include social distancing, wearing a face covering, washing hands regularly and using a high-alcohol sanitizer


Tire Care FAQ

I plugged my SYLVANIA tire inflator into the car outlet and the tire inflator isn't working

Most vehicles require that the ignition be in the “accessories” or “on” position to power the DC plug.

Which of your tire inflators have LED work lights?

Our Plus, Pro and Rapid Models have LED work lights on them to allow you to see better

How long is the power cable?

Our Basic and Plus tire inflators have a 9.8ft power cable, the Pro has a 10.8ft cable and the Rapid has an 11.5ft cable

Do your tire inflators come with multi-use accessories?

Yes, each power inflator comes with a set of accessories for multi-use such as bike tires, balls and other inflatables.