SYLVANIA D2R HID Headlight Bulb

Direct D2R replacement bulb for Headlight applications

D2R Bulb - Basic

D2R HID (High Intensity Discharge) - Basic

SYLVANIA High Intensity Discharge lighting, commonly referred to as HID, Xenon or XENARC lamps, HID lighting is the brightest and whitest technology on the market. SYLVANIA HID lights are highly engineered and manufactured to exact specifications. Insist on OEM quality replacements to ensure the best results from your HID system.

  • OEM precision and quality for consistent performance
  • Extremely long life, with 1/3 less energy usage compared to halogen lighting
  • Superior visibility with 3 times more light output than halogen lighting
  • Legal for on road use
  • Headlights dim over time, replace in pairs for optimal performance

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D2R Bulb - SilverStar zXe

SYLVANIA D2R SilverStar zXe HID Headlight Bulb

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