SYLVANIA 9005 ZEVO Connect Color Changing Headlight

Direct 9005 (HB3) replacement bulb for Headlight and DRL applications

Color Changing 9005 Headlight

9005 Color Changing Headlight Bulb

SYLVANIA's ZEVO CONNECT HYBRID is an LED product designed to add color to your headlight reflectors for a customized look. Simple to install and run, ZEVO CONNECT HYBRID is a discreet system that replaces your existing headlight bulbs with HYBRID high-performance halogen bulbs that are enhanced with color changing LED light. Using Bluetooth technology once connected to the free SYLVANIA ZEVO app, it allows you to control color, mode, and multiple compatible products with one device.

  • Take creative control of your vehicle's headlights by replacing your existing bulbs with the SYLVANIA ZEVO CONNECT HYBRID, high performance bulbs enhanced with color changing LED light
  • Sync your lights to pulse to the beat of your music or to the sounds around you, and set custom color favorites with tons of colors and control multiple ZEVO products at one time
  • Fits most vehicles that use 9005 bulbs and have a clearance of approximately 1.5" to accommodate the heat sink and connects directly to the battery or 12V source
  • ZEVO HYBRID bulbs yield a white, high lumen output with the appearance of an HID headlight
  • HYBRID system includes: 2 ZEVO CONNECT HYBRID Bulbs, 2 LED light engines, smart control box, 6' LED light engine leads, 3' controller power leads and wire ties

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