SYLVANIA ZEVO Connect Color Changing Pulse Kit

Add color changing technology to the exterior of any vehicle

Color Changing Headlight Kit

Color Changing Headlight Kit

SYLVANIA's ZEVO CONNECT PULSE is a universal LED product designed to add color to your headlights for a customized look. Simple to install and run, ZEVO CONNECT PULSE is a small disk with a chrome finish that connects directly to any 12-Volt source and blends in with your headlight assembly, making it barely visible. Using Bluetooth technology, once connected to the free SYLVANIA ZEVO app, it allows you to control color, mode, and multiple compatible products with one device. Universal fit for use on any vehicle.

  • Fill your headlight reflectors with LED color for a dramatic, stylized look
  • Take creative control with the free SYLVANIA ZEVO app (Android and iOS compatible)
  • Sync your music and RGB LED lights to pulse to the same beat, and set custom color presets with tons of colors
  • Control multiple ZEVO Connect products anywhere on your vehicle with one device
  • Kit includes: 2 LED light engines, smart control box, 6' LED light engine leads, 3' power lead, alcohol pad, tape and ties

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