SYLVANIA LED Load Resistor

Corrects both Bulb out warning and hyperflash issues

Load Resistor - Load Equalizer

Load Equalizer

The optional SYLVANIA load equalizer can be used to eliminate the hyper flash (higher frequency turn signal) caused by LED replacement bulbs in some vehicles.

  • Corrects hyper flashing and bulb-out warning caused by LED replacement bulbs
  • Easy to mount, simply attach the SYLVANIA load equalizer to a flat metal surface for proper heat transfer, then attach wires to those of socket with provided clips
  • High cooling capacity heat sink to lower surface temperature

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How to install a load equalizer?

Looking to fix your hyperflash issue or bulb out warning signal after replacing an incandescent with an LED bulb. Watch the video below!

Do you need a load equalizer?

Thinking about upgrading to LED and curious to when you will need a load equalizer? Watch the video below!

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