SYLVANIA 7443 WHITE SYL LED Mini Bulb, 2 Pack

5 out of 5 Customer Rating
Automobiles are constantly checking themselves for any lighting circuit abnormalities. These checks sometimes result in a misdiagnosis when LED lighting upgrades are made. Although the LED lamp operates fine, the vehicle senses a reduction in power and may trigger an alert. This alert may be either a dashboard error message or an increased lamp flashing rate for Turn Signals, commonly called Hyper-Flashing. To fix the hyper flash or Turn Signal dashboard warning is simple, adding an appropriate SYLVANIA Load Equalizer (Product ID LOADRSL.BX2) to each lamp circuit restores anticipated operating wattage.


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SYLVANIA LED miniature bulbs deliver style and performance for your car or truck. Instantly enhance the interior and exterior lighting applications of your vehicle with a modern, bright white light for head-turning style and increased visibility by other motorists. Easy-to-install with a robust design and high-quality components, SYLVANIA LED replacement bulbs are a simple and cost-effective way to upgrade your vehicles lighting. Also available in super bright white and an array of colors.


  • HIGH EFFICIENY: Delivers greater clarity with less power consumption and longer bulb life when compared to standard incandescent bulbs
  • RELIABLE: Thermal management to maximize life, matched with robust design that withstands temperature and shock for optimal performance
  • INSTANT ON: Provide full brightness instantly, giving drivers around you more time to react, compared to the slower light-up with Inscandescent bulbs
  • BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT: Ideal for use in Daytime running lights (DRL), back up/reverse, map, dome, trunk, cargo and license plate light bulb replacement
  • HYPERFLASH: For some vehicles, installing a load equalizer may be required to eliminate hyper flash or dashboard error messages
  • EASY DIY INSTALLATION: A direct replacement for the factory bulbs in your vehicle, no modification required
  • SMART MAINTENANCE: Always replace bulbs in pairs to ensure equal brightness and color
  • SAFETY: High-quality SYLVANIA bulbs are designed to perform to all relevant safety standards set for the lighting application
  • TRUSTED BRAND: SYLVANIA is a trusted OEM automotive lighting manufacturer, with over 100 years of superior optical engineering experience


  • OE Part Number: 7443
  • Warranty: 12 Month Warranty