SYLVANIA Car UV Air Purifier

3.3 out of 5 Customer Rating




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Purify the air around you by reducing viruses, bacteria and odors. This device uses UV light and a titanium dioxide filter to ionize the air in your environment. Its compact size and sleek black trim allow this device to blend right in with your car interior or on your home office desk. Portable for easy movement from one area to another, it's powered by a USB-C cable and is simply plugged in to begin cleaning the air. Operating at the level of a whisper at 25 decibels, you may forget it's even there. The filter is reusable and cleaned simply with running water - eliminating the need for replacement filters.


  • AIR PURIFIER: Improves air quality by reducing viruses, bacteria and odors from pets and smoke. Uses ultraviolet light and a titanium dioxide filter to release clean, ionized air.  Ideal for smaller rooms and vehicles where cleanliness is critical.
  • USB-C powered: quick and easy setup with USB-C charging cable included inside the box.  Magnetic mount for simple attachment to vehicle air vent. The compact design is convenient to use and move between your vehicle, car, home or office.       
  • SMALL AND PORTABLE: At the size of an apple and weighing less than half a pound, this device is compact and easy to take from one area to another. With the simple setup via USB-C connector, in just one step you're up and running in your car or room.
  • REUSABLE FILTER: As opposed to traditional HEPA filters, this filter is reusable - eliminating the need to continuously purchase and replace it with a new filter. Simply remove the filter and wash with running water to clean it.
  • QUIET AND POWERFUL: Operating at 25 decibels, the sound level is comparable to that of a whisper. You will likely forget it's even there!
  • INCLUDED IN THE BOX: Air purifier unit, USB-C charging cable, magnetic vent mount, user quick start guide. Easy to install almost anywhere.


  • Input Wiring: USB A to USB C
  • Warranty: 12 Month Warranty