SYLVANIA ZEVO LED Light Pipe Daytime Runnight Light Accent Kit

Available for vehicle that have a 4IN round fog assembly


LED Light Pipe Accent Light

Give your car the modern, sleek appearance of daytime running lights with these simple to install kits. Bright, street-legal LED light is perfect for day and night-time driving.

  • Light Pipe DRL/Accent Light Kit delivers cool white street legal performance both day and night
  • Connects to the battery terminals and one headlight circuit, turning on/off and dimming automatically using your existing controls to remain street legal at a times
  • Made of high grade automotive materials with durable seals to protect against years of pressure washing and wet weather
  • Slim and compact design fits into the front grille of many vehicles for easy mounting and installation
  • Kit includes everything you need to make a professional installation: LED lamps, wiring harnesses, mounting brackets, electrical splice fittings, and various mechanical and electrical fasteners

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