Interior and Exterior Mini Bulbs


Whiter Light*

The SYLVANIA Automotive SilverStar® High Performance mini bulb delivers a whiter light by using a specially designed filament and a propriety gas mixture, as well as a lamp coating that shifts the color temperature towards a whiter light.

*Compared to SYLVANIA Basic

Which Brand is Right For You?

OE Part Number


1156SYLVANIA 1156 SilverStar
1157SYLVANIA 1157 SilverStar
168SYLVANIA 168 SilverStar
194SYLVANIA 194 SilverStar
2057SYLVANIA 2057 SilverStar
2825SYLVANIA 2825 SilverStar
3057SYLVANIA 3057 SilverStar
3156SYLVANIA 3156 SilverStar
3157SYLVANIA 3157 SilverStar
7440SYLVANIA 7440 SilverStar
7443SYLVANIA 7443 SilverStar
7506SYLVANIA 7506 SilverStar
921SYLVANIA 921 SilverStar